What is The AGU?

The AGU is an Anointed one that God Uses to fullfil His plans on Earth. They have been given the sole ability to wield the ORB, a powerful vessel that the Creator had given His beloved tribe to help protect them in these dire times.

    The 5 ELEMENTS

  • Shantee: Wield's the ORB
  • Marcus: Leads with Hastuzan
  • Airlia: The Healer
  • Arjun: The Discerner
  • Bedz: Time Walker

  • Kasrah: Kalashite Warrior
  • Zarah: Kalashite Warrior
  • Grundig: KaioFiro
  • Caressa: Eskrima Warrior
  • Kartha: Archer

This book, although it is a Christian fantasy novel, it is steeped in the principles and the knowledge of God's word.
"Now concerning the Gifts of the Spirit, dear ones, I do not want you to be ignorant..." 1 Corinthians 12:1