Who's Who and What They Do...

As the old proverb goes: "Two heads are better than one" the Agu does not only represent myself as the author, but there is group of talented and supportive people that form part of the Agu team. They give advice, edit, market and sometimes even veto my ideas when it's called for. I could not have completed book one without the following people in my life:

The Author that God Uses: I love the written word. I write in my quiet time with my Father. I read what He writes, and He reads what I write.

Chantal Heuvel

Ceo & Founder

I still have to read for him, that hasn't changed since he was a child, but now, with his amazing creative mind, he gets to approve each chapter as they come "hot off the press." Thank you MartySmarty!

Martin Heuvel

Graphic Designer & Ideas man

Gillian is the first person that I send my manuscript to. She wades through my thoughts, repetitions and wild imaginations and tries to keep me consistent and on track. And she does an amazing job!

Gillian Hanslo

First Line Editor and Amazing Sister!

My phenomenal friend Simone, is the second person to receive the manuscript and she does the second layer edits.

Simone Johnston

Second Defence Editor

My sister has a very keen eye. She admittedly has an obsession to reading every single word on the page, earning her the final position of sweeper. Where she catches numerous mistakes after it comes from the professional editing teams.

Bernadette Heuvel


About Author - C.C. Heuvel

I grew up in Kimberly and spent most of my childhood growing up in Cape Town, South Africa and Swakopmund, Namibia. My journey of The Agu began in 2012 when I experienced the healing and provision of God in a supernatural way. Determined to learn about the principles of Faith and Fear, I set myself on a lifelong journey to uncover all that God has blessed His children with here on earth.